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Premium boho women's clothing for free-spirited souls.   Choose from boho dresses, boho jewellery, boho decor, boho skirts, boho bags, self-care items and more.   Boho Lifestyle shop to explore.

"The online shopping space is calm, soulful and inspired by nature's elements." 

Hey there,

I'm Sandra Founder & CEO of SCE.

I am a 100% boho chick living my best life whilst travelling, usually coastal spots with the kids, dogs, surfboards, and/or down at our Beach Fam (caravan). 

I'm a surfer, mum of two, living my boho inspired life and wanted to share my tips, love and soulful Emporium with you.

My aim... to stock quality affordable premium boho products that connect and nourish your soul, flow when you wear them, decor to uplift your home space and ground your energy.

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Enjoy x

Inspired by Nature - Boho Lifestyle

My idea for SCE is to be an online boho boutique to help manage your wellbeing from the inside out.  Living a boho lifestyle rich with colour, soul, nature, spirit, zest, health, mindfulness and nurturing yourself from within.

Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to 'shine' brightly, it's important, and so are you!

Shop selected feel good boho products, read our blog and download our self-care ideas and tips.

Review our Self-Care Ideas and Gifts - Self-Care Sunday Ideas Collection, filled with Self-Care boho inspirations - boho products to spoil you.  

Read our blog for insights, ideas and relaxation. 

Bring balance into your life and rest from your busy schedule, get some ‘you time’ – you matter.   We forgot to live simply, allow time to breathe, and care about ourselves and ground.  Our boho life. 

Bask in nature's simple pleasures. The ocean, sun, mountains, moonlight, listening to the wind in the trees, hugging our loved ones and connecting. 

Loving and caring for ourselves.

Be a Self-Care Goddess – give yourself a weekly, daily ritual to relax, rejuvenate and rebalance.


Our Charity of Choice - Take 3 for The Sea

We are also Friends of Take3.   We give a monthly donation which will increase as sales and profits grow. 

Did you know it is estimated that there is 150 million metric tons of plastic currently in our marine environments?

We need to act now, to stop this toxic tide.  Your purchases will help keep our oceans clean.   Find out more about their programs here


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