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Being a bohemian is not just about the choice of clothing and enjoying an openminded - free spirited lifestyle.

The boho lifestyle is a whole art of living that includes a way of thinking, caring about nature, artistic development, spirituality and global awareness.

Truly live your best boho life! 

The bohemian way of life is not reserved only to nomadic or rebellious people that broke free from social conventions.  It is about living from day to day, in an independent and free way.

A vision of the world, connected to the universe, to the living and far from consumer society.   The boho spirit can be part of every woman.

Before getting involved in this meaningful lifestyle, make sure you feel boho in your innermost self, as it is not about becoming bohemian, but about being born bohemian.

Some signs are revealing: if you are driven by freedom, enjoy people and nature, if you are open-minded and creative or if you dream about a better world, chances are that you are a true bohemian.

Different boho personalities

There are just as many bohemians as there are different personalities. However, certain character traits frequently stand out.

  • The classic bohemian a woman who likes to live from day to day in carpe diem mode. She usually dresses in comfortable clothes in which she feels at ease while favouring harmony.
    The classic boho lives a rather ordinary life, however, she defends her values fervently. A cultivated and open-minded person that cares for nature.

  • The boho gypsy 🚙 a great traveller.  A woman who loves to discover new horizons as well as freedom. She loves to immerse herself in the positive energies of the places and people around her. Her overflowing curiosity is limitless. As a result, she cannot stay still. She might be described as unstable, but in reality, she savours life to the fullest.

  • The boho hippie ☮ a remake of the sixties' babas cool. Beneath her loose and floral clothes, she is a socially engaged woman that emanates love and joy of life. The boho hippie is an idealist, spending her time dreaming of a world without conflicts, where people live in harmony with nature.

  • The creative bohemian 👩‍🎨 a talented and passionate woman growing through her creativity. Often hypersensitive, she enjoys immersing herself in books or in her thoughts. The creative bohemian needs to express herself through her clothing style, through painting, music, or any other passion that drives her. She wears original clothes with a strong style and sometimes it may seem as if she comes from another planet.

  • The boho Zen 🧘‍♀ a calm and serene person, in love with nature. She frequently practices meditation or yoga. She is a radiant woman, breathing well-being. She avoids the world and superficiality in order to concentrate on the essential. Endowed with a beautiful energy, the boho Zen is sometimes a little savage.

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So, how to live the boho life?

The spiritual journey

No need to travel around the world for being bohemian, however, a true bohemian woman doesn't just stay at home. She realizes that the wonders of the world extends beyond her apartment (or house) and her thirst to explore leads her to places of absolute beauty. Far from tourist attractions, the boho woman gathers secret treasures.

When she doesn't have the opportunity to travel physically, she takes her escape through art, literature or meditation, all of which she practices regularly.

Art and literature

Experimenting, releasing talents, expressing through drawing, painting, photography, music, dancing, singing or other artistic activities..

Love of nature

The bohemian woman merges with the universe. She feels the need to protect mother nature by paying attention to its carbon footprint, its nutrition, its consumption, etc.. In addition, many bohemians follow a vegan diet and do not wear real furs or leather. The boho woman values ecology and bio or at least eco-responsible values.

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The boho atmosphere

The bohemian woman will generally create herself a cozy space in which she feels comfortable. She will furnish it with positive vibes through a boho decoration.

Ethnic wall tapestry, natural elements, subdued lights, warm and refined furniture: the bohemian decor is a way to highlight creativity and create an inspiring place where well-being reigns.


Being bohemian, a life philosophy

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As you have understood, the bohemian philosophy is a free and unbounded vision of the world where sensuality makes place for superficiality, and where the essential replaces the superfluous.

It is about the art of leading a non-conformist and extraordinary life where the only self-imposed law is about personal ethics.

Bohemian philosophy involves a life which is poor in appearance, but rich in experience, in which well-being and harmony are valued without striving for perfection.

No more worries!

Leading a boho life is above all to detach itself from the everyday worries. Life is short, so you might as well enjoy it to the fullest by leaving those worries aside.

An open view of the world

Being a bohemian woman is about connecting with the universe by awakening its consciousness through spirituality, knowledge and empathy.

It is about discovering the world through travels; feeling the emotion of a bucolic landscape, of music reaching your soul, sharing the pleasure of being together... Escape from the routine that turns us into zombies and dare to live new experiences.

Boho style, a casual way of dressing

The boho style no longer needs to be introduced. Flowing dresses, loose tunics, puffy sleeves, oversized sweaters... boho fashion is both elegant and casual.

Inspired by the romanticism of retro and hippie trends, the boho style won't stop seducing you. Natural fabrics with floral touches 🌼, chic lace and embroidery, flowing fits, ethnic jewelry, loose hairstyles, the boho style comes in an infinite variety of styles... boho-chic, folk or rock, the choice is yours!

Besides the aesthetic aspect, opting for a bohemian look that reflects your personality is a way to highlight your mentality.

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The boho lifestyle, an art of living

Bohemian life focuses on that which makes you truly happy, while avoiding that which is counterproductive to your well-being.

The boho lifestyle also means striving to defend values and ideals, releasing talents and taking back control of life.  This means, no longer accepting the indulgence to the society in which we have sometimes been educated in spite of ourselves and to understand what really matters in life.

It means loving others and loving yourself. It is about entirely assuming your body and daring to be different.

Bohemian lifestyle is not just a tendency. Much more than just a fashion trend, bohemian lifestyle is a philosophy, a vision of the world that deserves to change certain habits. 

Adopting the boho lifestyle is a guarantee of an extraordinary life 🌞 that takes all its sense.

Nourish your heart.  Connect with your soul.  Nurture yourself.





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